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Physiotherapy specialist available in Truro

From sports injuries to back and joint pain, we treat them all

Are you suffering from pain or discomfort?

From sports injuries to ongoing back pain, Judith Handley is a physiotherapy specialist who has a professional approach to ease your discomfort.


Are you suffering from pain and body stiffness?  Judith Handley works with you from assessment to diagnosis, and further provides effective treatment to relieve your pain. Here, she will discuss a personal plan with you to achieve the best results. Located in Truro, we serve across the surrounding areas.

We specialise in the following:

Apart from specialising in back pain, neck pain, sports injuries, Acupuncture, Whiplash, Ultrasound and work related pain, Mrs Judith Handley also specialises in:

•  Advice on prevention of sports injuries

•  Headaches and joint pains

•  Pilates and exercise therapy

•  Rehabilitation following fracture or surgery

•  Joint mobilisation and manipulation

•  Soft tissue trigger point release and massage

•  Ergonomic advice

•  Pilates and core stability training

As everyone's requirements are different, we provide customised course of treatments for you. Call: